We have known Carey Freyman for more than five years now.  We have a child with a disability who she has worked with doing yoga. Carey is wonderful and patient, and we have seen remarkable results from the work with our son.  The work she does with our son has taught him to be patient, to be focused, and most important of all, has taught him an awareness of his own body.  Additionally, the physical strength and flexibility that he achieves with her is amazing, particularly in his core strength.  He loves yoga with Carey, and every week cannot wait for his time with her.  Through his many years with Carey, our boy has grown physically and spiritually with her guidance and training.  We cannot be happier with the journey that our son has taken, and continues to take, with Carey Freyman.  We recommend her highly without hesitation.

Litjen (LJ) Tan, Ms, PhD

My son Alex has been practicing yoga with Carey  Freyman for about 8 years.  I first saw her flyer at the Oak Park library-

                                                   Yoga for Persons with Special Needs.

Alex wanted to start doing yoga and he had many special needs.  One of which is that he is oxygen dependent and has a trach.  Most exercise professionals shy away from someone so complex but Carey readily took him on.  Within the first year of yoga Alex's posture and strength improved.  His shoulders came more aligned with his hips.  Alex has many disabilities that he has to work around, and yoga has helped him to be stronger and have better balance.  Carey says, "Alex is a very good student and has achieved lots of poses in his practice."  She says he is loose because he has no stress points (others do the worrying for him).

Carey developed a class for 4 young adults so they could learn and share their yoga experience.  Who would have thought that one flyer at the library could turn out to have such a wonderful and positive effect on Alex?

Mary Kolovitz




Dear Carey,

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in yoga for our kids and their parents. We felt it was a big success and the parents gave great feedback about the time you spent with them before and after class. We are so grateful for your dedication to helping kids with special needs, particularly those with sensory and attention difficulties! We appreciate that you went above and beyond what we had discussed. In our session the following week, the kids shared what they liked best…the “knee kisses”, final resting pose, & “oooommm” were all big hits!

Jen & Barb

Easter Seals DuPage

Dear Carey Freyman:

On behalf of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, I would like to thank you for providing your support to the Caring for kids Summer Camp. As you know, we provide adaptive recreation and sports to children between 7 and 17 who have a physical disability. Our program allows children with disabilities to become more independent while increasing their self-esteem, coordination, and strength.

It is people and organizations like you that not only recognize, but acknowledge children with disabilities have recreation needs too. You helped to make our children’s lives become more independent and fulfilling as well as improving the world for children with disabilities. We appreciated all your hard work in making it a successful summer for our group. Thank you for your continuing support!

Jenny DiLaura, CTRS
Caring for Kids Program Specialist

CCLS Cassie Smith, CTRS
Caring for Kids Program Specialist

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in support of the work that Carey Freyman, yoga teacher, has been doing with my patient Ashleigh Hall. Carey is sensitive, gentle and knowledgeable and after working with adults, took special advanced yoga training to be able to work with children with disabilities.

Ashleigh is a ten year old young lady who has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She has greatest involvement in her lower extremities, which are very stiff and tight. In addition, her core is very weak. Ashleigh has difficulty sitting without support, getting up from the floor, and walking with caregivers or with her walker. Carey sees Ashleigh once a week for an individual yoga session, emphasizing core strengthening and stretching activities for her legs.

Yoga is a gentle method of movement that involves lengthening of muscles, as well as core stability postures. I have seen wonderful changes in Ashleigh’s core strength as well as fluidity of movement through her legs. These sessions have greatly helped Ashleigh who has tight hip flexors and hamstrings. The core work has given Ashleigh more stability to help her with her physical therapy goals of sitting with less support, standing for transfers and activities of daily living and assisted walking.

Ashleigh only receives physical therapy once a week, and the yoga session with Carey has been a wonderful adjunct to carry over some of her therapy activities in a fun and more “grown up” way. In addition, it is hoped that Ashleigh’s interest in yoga will continue into her adult life, and become part of a healthy way of life for her.

If you have any questions regarding Ashleigh’s plan of care or progress with gross motor skills, please feel free to contact me.

Mary Clark Wyler,PT, PCS
IL Lic. #070-002819

Dear Carey,

On behalf of all the staff and children from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Caring for Kids Summer camp, thank you for all your help and support to make this year’s camp one of the best ones yet! The children had a great time in Yoga. You help make our children’s lives become more independent and fulfilling as well as improving the world for children with disabilities.

It is difficult to put into words how much your contribution means…these smiles say it best!

Thank you once again for making the camp memorable and special for many children. We appreciate all your hard work in making it a successful summer for our group.

Janet Lutha, CTRS
Caring for Kids Coordinator
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Eight years ago, I had a stroke.  I could not walk without losing balance.  Finally, I could walk again; but my wife was worried about me falling and breaking my arm, my leg, and God  forbid, a hip.  My wife suggested to me that I do yoga.  I decided to try it.  I found Carey Freyman in Oak Park.  I have been driving from Rogers Park to Oak Park for six years.  In six years I have not fallen once.  Practicing yoga helped me with my balance.  I like doing yoga with Carey.  She is patient & doesn't get upset if I cannot do the movement that yoga calls for.

Dan Goffman, Ph.D.

Dear Carey-

From your family at Shriners, we want to thank you for everything you provide our kids.  They enjoy working with you, and we appreciate how passionate you are in your profession.  You help to make Shriners the special place that kids come!

Thank You,

Recreation Therapy / Child Life

Shriners Hospitals Chicago